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From the WeChat officially launched the electronic public number
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-18
In accordance with the requirements of some customers, WeChat functional aspects related to our decision to establish WeChat official public number Shenzhen electronic dance". Today, the "Shenzhen tage electronic" WeChat public number officially opened on-line!
"Shenzhen tage electronic" WeChat public number set news, service and interaction as a whole, except during the day every day to provide the latest information to fuse the public, also set up a "product", "dynamic" and "technical support" and other columns, released tage electronic relevant information in a timely manner, provide information together with the content.
Now, you can log in WeChat mobile phone client, open WeChat, click on the upper right corner of the "+" button in the "add friend" column of WeChat search public account Shenzhen tage Electronics "add" Shenzhen tage electronic "WeChat public number, you can scan" Shenzhen tage electronic "WeChat two-dimensional code to add. "Shenzhen tage electronic" is committed to the public, do WeChat‘s most trusted customers and friends, look forward to your attention!
Shenzhen tage electronic sincerely invite you to scan the QR code concerns our WeChat public number, WeChat sweep, plus interest!
Shenzhen WeChat electronic tage public number
You can enjoy the following information service from the menu at the bottom of the WeChat public:
The overview of "Shenzhen electronic tage" menu to learn about the company;
Through the "product" you can understand the product details;
Through the "technical support" selection help and sample application process.
More services development, please look forward to, but also hope that you can interact with our WeChat public numbers, you put forward your expectations and requirements, and other valuable suggestions.
From the electronic public number guide:
Q: how to view the public tage electronic products and a full range of parameters?
Answer: very simple, as long as the input product name can be.
Self recovery fuse
Self recovery fuse
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Reminder: if you search a series of product models, you do not have to find the corresponding product model. Or have the product is not very understanding, then you can call our customer service hotline: 86-755-88365418, fax: 86-755-88361758, holiday service Tel: 18128869501, email: can be! We will answer your questions one by one for you ~ thank you for your use!
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