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Explanation of the structure of the self recovery fuse
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-20
Self recovery fuse is a positive temperature coefficient thermistor used for circuit protection. In the normal temperature, the material is tightly bound to the conductor in a crystalline structure, forming a low impedance link. However, when the high current through or around the temperature of the ambient temperature is higher than the temperature of the element, the conductor in the polymer melt and become irregular arrangement, the volume expansion and lead to the rapid increase in impedance.

In the normal working state, the resistance value of the element is much less than the rest of the resistance in the circuit. At the time of rapid increase of current, the current situation makes the response to the current situation, from the low resistance to high resistance to protect the circuit. The increase of the impedance limits the current through, so that the current in the circuit can be reduced to a value that can be safely carried by any circuit element. And protect the equipment from damage.
Self recovery fuse structure
The polymer according to the use of the different places, and there are different forms, a plug-in, ribbon, surface mount and so on, although the appearance is different, but the connection mode of the working principle and circuit of them are the same. The following will make a brief introduction of a structure.

A plug-in structure self recovery fuse products
The plug-in structure self recovery fuse has two pins, the components are welded on the circuit board, in order to increase the reliability of the welding pin, usually tin plated copper. Different types of shapes are different here are some common shape.

Two ribbon structure self recovery fuse (battery over current protection)
The structure of the product is usually called "overcurrent protection" is generally used in battery, Ni MH / Ni Cd rechargeable battery, lithium battery and polymer lithium ion battery, the battery overcharge and overdischarge phenomenon plays a role in prevention.

Three surface mount (SMD) structure self recovery fuse products
With the continuous development of industrial automation and SMT technology, making electronic components toward miniaturization, miniaturization direction, the SMD structure of our company product variety, in line with the needs of the market.

Through the above structure self recovery fuse description I believe we have a very deep understanding of the self recovery fuse, then, a fuse here in the specifications, models, what do not understand, you can consult our online customer service, we will be eager to answer, give you the most satisfactory answer.
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