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The gas discharge tube, gas discharge tube has a ceramic discharge tube measurement
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-04-18
The gas discharge tube, gas discharge tube has a ceramic discharge tube measurement
Recently, a netizen asked Xiao Bian, the multimeter can detect metal gas discharge tube? So today Xiaobian this for the majority of the users and friends do not understand this problem on the detection of the gas discharge tube, is provided by the Department of electronic technology information: from the multimeter to detect metal gas discharge tube, can the static parameters of insulation testing gas discharge tube voltage tester.
The gas discharge tube is a switch type protection device, the working principle of gas discharge. When the voltage between the two poles is large enough, the pole gap will be put into electrical breakdown, which is transformed from the original insulating state into a conductive state, similar to a short circuit. The voltage between the two poles is very low, so it can protect the effect of the circuit.
The gas discharge tube, gas discharge tube has a ceramic discharge tube measurement
The main indicators of the gas discharge tube: response time, DC breakdown voltage, impulse breakdown voltage, flow capacity, insulation resistance, interelectrode capacitance, freewheeling trip time.
The main parameters of the gas discharge tube: DC breakdown voltage, DC breakdown voltage tolerance, pulse breakdown voltage, nominal resistance, impact resistance, current power current insulation resistance.
Need professional testing equipment to detect such as lightning protection element tester, lightning test equipment.
Lightning test equipment: 10/700 s full automatic lightning strike tester (0-6KV), 8/20 / s Combined Wave Lightning tester (40KA), 10/1000 / s long wave test instrument and so on to carry on the detection.
At present, only from the conventional static parameters to judge, test insulation resistance (insulation resistance tester) and DC breakdown voltage (lightning protection element tester). The detection of dynamic parameters requires lightning current tester.
The technical parameters of the gas discharge tube are: DC discharge voltage Udc; impulse discharge voltage Up (normally Up = (2 ~ 3) Udc; frequency and current In impact award award; current Ip; insulation resistance R (>109); interelectrode capacitance (0.5-2pF)
Now is the simulation of surge current to test its breakdown state and recovery to determine the eligibility of ceramic gas discharge tube: because the gas ionization takes time, so the response speed is slow, the reaction time is 0.2 ~ 0.3 s (200 ~ 300ns), the fastest is 0.1 s (100ns it is not about) in conduction before, there will be a greater range of sharp pulse leakage past. The breakdown voltage uniformity is poor, the dispersion is bigger, generally is + 20%.
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