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High voltage ceramic capacitor and varistor explain the difference
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-26
How will the high voltage ceramic capacitor and varistor two do not reach the edge of the products are not clear? Although their role, the characteristics are not the same, but they look very much like, you want to chip capacitors and inductors as long as the same from the appearance of the separation of that is the real can be distinguished.

Let us talk about the appearance of varistor varistor, its color is generally blue size 5D 7D 10D 14D 20D 25D, surface carving it is beginning with XD and 10XK 2XXK 18XK. Then the following. Those marks said varistor voltage, for example with 7D 471K then said that this is a varistor, then the diameter is 7mm, voltage range error is 10% 470V.
The difference between the high voltage ceramic capacitor and varistor
In addition to see high voltage ceramic capacitor, the appearance of color is blue, but not with D as the size of the points, general printing is directly printed with 10X 1KV 22X 1KV 103M 1KV said this for example with the high voltage ceramic capacitor capacity of 103 voltage range 1000V error 20%.

Conclusion: the difference of appearance between the high voltage ceramic capacitor and varistor is above the printing, this paper hope to help everyone.
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