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Shenzhen self recovery fuse manufacturers
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-14
Shenzhen best quality self recovery fuse manufacturers. [] tage of Electronic Science and technology is a professional wholesale all kinds of self recovery fuse self recovery fuse manufacturers. The company provides an excellent quality of the self recovery fuse, the main business: self recovery fuse, self recovery fuse, fuse TVS, transient suppression diodes, ESD varistor arrester series electronic products.
TVS is a kind of high efficient circuit protection devices currently used internationally, it is the same with the common diode, but can absorb up to several kilowatts of power surge, its main feature is the reverse application conditions, when subjected to a pulse of high energy, the working resistance to immediately extremely low conduction value, thereby allowing a large current through the voltage clamp at the predetermined level, the response time is only 10-12 seconds, so it can effectively protect the precision components in electronic circuit. TVS is also a diode clamp type overvoltage protection element. When the voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage TVS with diode element, and at both ends of the voltage to vary the impedance, the voltage is clamped to a certain value. Because the TVS diode is a solid-state device, its characteristics is not easy to change. The electrical parameters are not changed as long as the work is in its specific range. TVS diode can effectively control the rapid rise of the transient overvoltage, suitable for low voltage applications do not need to bypass the big energy. Two but the inherent weakness of TVS diodes with clamping elements: one is unable to withstand the current is too large, the two is the clamp voltage to follow current increases. For a given power TVS, when the maximum instantaneous current clamp voltage is higher when the permit is relatively reduced. Because the power is low, the TVS diode is generally not as the head protector is connected across the interface of Tip and Ring terminal, usually used for low voltage circuit protection of two.
Self recovery fuse
Tage electronics is one of the earliest in the sensitive electronic components and protection of electronic components manufacturers, self recovery fuse company (plug-in self recovery fuse patch / resettable fuse (breaking), fuse / fuse, slow break) MLCV patch, self recovery fuse and other products is very high the reputation and market share in the domestic market. Tage electronics is the sensitive electronic components and protection of electronic components industry leader.
Since the recovery of the fuse can be divided into the patch from the restoration of the fuse with the plug since the recovery of the fuse, with the product requirements of the smaller and smaller, the use of chip fuse has become increasingly widespread. The main package of the patch self recovery fuse are: 0805, 0603, 1206, 1812, 2920. Its working principle is: since the recovery of the fuse is a special treatment by the polymer resin (Polymer) and the distribution of conductive particles (Black Carbon) in the inside of the composition. In the normal operation of polymeric resin tightly conductive particles bound in the crystalline structure, form a chain conductive pathway, the recoverable fuse to a low resistance state (a), the line passes through the heat generated from the current recovery fuse is small, does not change the crystal structure. When overload or short circuit lines, through the self recovery fuse of high electric heat to melt polymerization resin, volume rapid growth, the formation of high resistance state (b), the working current decreases rapidly, and thus restrict and protect the circuit. When troubleshooting, PTC recovery fuse re cooling crystallization, volume shrinkage, conductive particles to form a conductive path, self recovery fuse to restore the low state of resistance, so as to complete the protection of the circuit, without manual replacement.
Shenzhen self recovery fuse 0603-2920SMD wholesale manufacturers, [Shenzhen] tage Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech company in Shenzhen, has a strong technical team, professional R & D and production of self recovery fuse 0603-2920SMD, Shenzhen is the self recovery fuse 0603-2920SMD wholesale manufacturers, is the domestic semiconductor industry is one of the few outstanding suppliers with core technology. Self recovery fuse is an electronic overcurrent protection element, using organic polymer in high pressure, high temperature, curing conditions, mixed conductive particle material, after special processing and. The traditional fuse overcurrent protection, can only protect once, burn off the need to be replaced, and since the restoration of the fuse with a thermal protection, automatic recovery of dual function. In the habit of PPTC (Coefficent PolyerPositiveTemperature) is also called self recovery fuse.
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