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How to identify the fuse, identify the car fuse analysis case
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-19
Now more and more cars, to bring a lot of people to travel, but the use of the process will appear such situation, such as car headlights suddenly not bright, the horn does not ring, the front windshield spray failure, cigarette lighter not electricity, this time a lot of people are lost, think again to repair, but now many car maintenance is black, including the 4S shop, you know. In fact, in most cases, these are just because the car fuse appeared fault phenomenon, we only need to replace it, the premise is that we need to understand the automotive electronic fuse, teach you to identify one by one from the auto fuse.
How to identify the fuse, identify the car fuse analysis case
Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse, its main function is to be in when the circuit current abnormal more than its rated current, will automatically fuse, play the role of circuit protection. In addition to being used in automotive circuits, it is also often used for overcurrent protection of industrial equipment. The automobile circuit is composed of a plurality of electric wires which are connected by different colors with different colors, and the fuse is the most noticeable. In fact, the fuse is a habit of it. The national standard called fuse.
The fuse is divided into many kinds of auto fuse is obviously used in cars, compared with auto fuse this one, it also has a lot of products, can be divided into many other types, mainly in the following:
Insert fuse: it can be divided into ultra small, small, medium and large car fuse. Its specifications can be divided into a rated current of 1-40, large 30-120 amps, and the rated voltage of 32 volts.
Cross pin type fuse: it can be divided into small and large cross pin type fuse, the current rating of the main 30-150 amp to the large 40-800 amp, and the rated voltage 32/125 volts.
Auto glass tube fuse: it can be divided into 6.35 x 30mm, 6.35 x 31.75mm and 10 x 38mm glass tube fuse, the rated current is 0.5-20 ampere, 10 * 38mm20-80 ampere, and the amount of voltage is 32 volts.
Most of these are auto fuse specifications, is very simple, but we are to change the fuse, the fuse should be replaced by the same type, must not be used indiscriminately, so how to find the same type of fuse in the standby fuse box? We can be resolved by color, auto fuse in the international standards are usually 2A gray, purple, pink, 3A 4A 5A 7.5A 10A orange brown, red, blue, yellow, 15A 20A 25A, 30A 40A and colorless transparent green deep orange. And the specifications of the car plug fuse is generally within 2A to 40A, if the surface of the ampere of the number of fuzzy or can not see clearly, we can use the color to distinguish. Note, in the absence of spare fuse under the condition of emergency, can fuse with does not affect the safety of driving instead, if can not find the same fuse current load, can be used to replace the original lower than the rated current of the fuse.
From the electronics has 10 years of experience in production of fuse technology, we produce the fuse inspected strictly, make the customers to buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind of the production concept! Welcome friends to buy, and at the same time to thank those who have been to our old customer support.
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