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TL431 function pin diagram, TL431 the most complete information in Chinese
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-25
TL431 is a three terminal adjustable shunt reference voltage source with good thermal stability. Its output voltage can be arbitrarily set to any value from the Vref (2.5V) to the 36V range with two resistors. The typical dynamic impedance of the device is 0.2 ohms, you can use it instead of Zener diodes in many applications such as digital voltmeter, amplifier circuit, adjustable voltage power supply, switching power supply etc..
Programmable output voltage is 36V
Voltage reference error: + 0.4%, typical value @25 C (TL431B)
Low dynamic output impedance, typical 0.22
Load current capacity to 100mA 1.0mA
Equivalent full range temperature coefficient 50 ppm/
Temperature compensation operation full rated operating temperature range
Low output noise voltage
TO92 package pin diagram

                           Figure 1 TO92 package pin diagram
8 pin package pin function
                            Figure 28 pin package pin function
SOP-8 chip package pin diagram
                  Figure 3 SOP-8 patch package pin diagram
TL431 symbol and internal block diagram

                      Figure 4 TL431 symbols and internal block diagram

TL431 internal circuit diagram

                                                    Figure 5 TL431 internal circuit diagram

  MAXIMUM RATINGS (Full operating ambient temperature range applies, unlessotherwise noted.)
最大额定值(环境温度范围适用,除非另有说明。 )

Rating 参数

Symbol 符号


Unit 单位

Cathode to Anode Voltage阴极阳极电压




Cathode Current Range, Continuous 阴极电流范围,连续


–100 to +150


Reference Input Current Range, Continuous 参考输入电流范围,连续


–0.05 to +10





Operating Ambient Temperature Range 操作环境温度范围

TL431I,TL431AI, TL431BI TA

–40 to +85

TL431C, TL431AC, TL431BC  0 to +70

StorageTemperature Range储存温度范围


–65 to +150

Total Power Dissipation总耗散功率 常温@ TA = 25℃ Derate above 25℃ Ambient Temperature

D, LP后缀塑封 PD 0.70 W
P后缀塑封 1。10
DM 后缀塑封 0。52

Total Power Dissipation @ TC = 25℃ Derate above 25℃ Case Temperature 总耗散功率 外壳温度

D, LP后缀塑封 PD


P后缀塑封 3.0


  ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(TA=25℃, unless otherwise noted.)电气特性(25℃ ,除非另有说明。)

  ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25℃, unless otherwise noted.)电气特性(25℃,除非另有说明。)

  图6 测试电路VKA = Vref       图7 测试电路VKA > Vref                       图8  测试电路for Ioff
  Figure 6 test circuitVKA = Vref                   Figure 7test circuitVKA > Vref                                                       Figure 8test circuit  for Ioff

                 Fig. 9 cathode current and cathode voltage                                        Fig. 10 cathode current and cathode voltage

Reference input voltage and temperature diagram, reference input current and ambient temperature

   Fig. 11 reference input voltage and ambient temperature                  Fig. 12 reference input current and ambient temperature

Variation of the reference input voltage with the cathode voltage, the off state cathode current with ambient temperature

   Fig. 13 variation of the reference input voltage with the cathode voltage      Figure 14 off state cathode current with ambient temperature

Dynamic impedance and frequency, dynamic impedance with ambient temperature

         FIG. 15 dynamic impedance and frequency                                FIG. 16 dynamic impedance with ambient temperature

Open loop voltage gain and frequency, spectral noise density

        Fig. 17 open loop voltage gain and frequency                                         Fig. 18 spectral noise density

Impulse response, stable boundary conditions
                                Fig. 19 impulse response                                            Figure 20 stability boundary conditions

  Application method:
测试电路曲线a 边界条件的稳定性 图22曲线测试电路的B,C和D边界条件的稳定性

The stability of the B, C, and D boundary conditions of the test circuit for the stability diagram of the curve a boundary conditions are tested.Shunt regulator circuit diagram, large current shunt regulator circuit

     Fig. 23 circuit diagram of shunt regulator           Fig. 24 current shunt regulator circuitThree end fixed voltage stabilizing output circuit, series voltage regulation circuit, overvoltage protection circuit

Figure 25 control three end fixed voltage stabilizing output circuit   Figure 26 series voltage regulation circuit     Fig. 27 overvoltage protection circuit
Constant current source circuit, constant current source circuit, bidirectional thyristor overvoltage protection circuit

Fig. 28 circuit of constant current source    Fig. 29 constant current source circuit    Fig. 30 bidirectional thyristor overvoltage protection circuitVoltage monitor circuit, single power supply comparison temperature compensation circuit

            Fig. 31 voltage monitor circuit                 Fig. 32 comparison of single power supply and temperature compensation circuit

Linear ohmmeter circuit, 400 MW phono amplifier circuit simple
                Fig. 33 circuit diagram of linear ohm meter                   Figure 34 simple 400 MW phono amplifier circuit

High efficiency buck switching converter circuit
                  Figure 35 high efficiency buck switching converter circuit

Simplified TL431 device model

                                                              Fig. 36 simplified TL431 device model

Package diagram

                                                                 Figure 37 package diagram

SOP-8 patch package
                       Figure 38 SOP-8 patch package

Package diagram

                                             Figure 39 package diagram

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