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The difference between ceramic capacitors, monolithic capacitors and ceramic chip capacitors
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-27
Ceramic capacitors, monolithic capacitors, ceramic capacitors are three capacitor type on the common market, the connection between them, but there are differences. Here‘s a brief introduction.
The appellation of relative formal ceramic capacitors is disc ceramic capacitor, with ceramic powder molding, and then sintering. (ceramic and sub class I, class II, class, class III) monolithic ceramic, single layer structure, general button size, with two pins. Because a single layer structure, ceramic capacitor, the general capacity is small, but high voltage. From the electronic current CC1 series low temperature compensation type, the CC81 series high temperature compensation type CT1 low voltage, high dielectric constant, CT81 high voltage high dielectric constant, CS1 semiconductor and CT7 AC ceramic capacitors and other 6 types, the different characteristics of the disc ceramic capacitor. Among them, the highest voltage of 4KV can reach CT81.
But the capacity is much smaller, basically concentrated in the pF and nF level, such as the popular CT81 series, the largest smart large size ceramic capacitors Y5V material with the diameter of 12mm to 10nF, but its rated voltage can reach 3KV, voltage (test voltage) can reach 5KV. From the point of view, ceramic capacitors are round with two leads, it is easy to distinguish, as shown below:
Ceramic capacitors
Laminated ceramic capacitor (MLCC): also known as monolithic capacitors, Fenghua‘s official name is the multilayer ceramic capacitor, in short it means the same thing. Using multi-layer structure, often a MLCC internal as many as dozens of layers, or even more. Among them, each single layer is equivalent to a capacitor, dozens of layers is equivalent to dozens of capacitors in parallel. So MLCC capacity to do a lot, but the voltage is not high. Generally surface mount (SMD).
The conventional SMD capacitor rated voltage Fenghua provided are 6.3V~50V. Because of its wide use, the market is referred to the patch capacitors are referred to as MLCC, rather than a patch of tantalum capacitors or aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The ceramic capacitor has become the mainstream of the market, its capacity is bigger and bigger, on some occasions can already replace expensive tantalum capacitors, SMD capacitors at the same time, the specifications are becoming more and more miniaturized, 0402 package has increasingly become one of the main specifications in the market. The following picture is the appearance of the patch capacitor:
Chip capacitor
One stone capacitor: MLCC is a variant of the MLCC welding two leads, encapsulated with epoxy resin. With the trend of miniaturization of electronic products continue to develop, the use of single stone capacitor will continue to decrease, and was replaced by MLCC. The single stone capacitor leads to different lead direction and surface material, which is divided into three kinds: radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors, Axial Leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors (also known as: laser capacitors), and axial color ring capacitors. The physical picture of the single stone capacitor is as follows:
1, radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor.
radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor.
2, axial laser capacity of the physical picture
axial laser capacity of the physical picture
3, axial color ring capacitor real picture
axial color ring capacitor real picture
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