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What is the principle of the switch discharge tube?
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-11-24
The principle of the switch discharge tube:
The principle of gas discharge can be used not only for overvoltage protection, but also for the field of switch. Unlike the gas discharge tube, the switch discharger belongs to the active component and has stable performance after dozens of ignition. The switch discharger can be used in the application of high voltage shock. Now, opening the high-pressure gas discharge lamp used in the headlights is as simple as lighting a gas flame. The performance of these ignitor depends mainly on the characteristics of the switch components. The switch needs to be equipped with high speed switch, which has high insulation impedance and little loss in the non conductive state. At the same time should be as small as possible, strong, should have high reliability and temperature adaptability.
Epp Kos switch discharger makes full use of the characteristics of arc discharge: the speed of arc discharge (< 50 ns) and its strong current load enable it to produce instantaneous impact (10 s), and extremely strong current, voltage rise time and low loss. The insulation resistance in non conductive state originates from very low leakage current, up to several tens of ohms.
The structure of the switch discharger and its production process standard (ISO TS 16949) meet the strict requirements of the multi component reliability in the automotive industry. Fifteen years of practical experience has proved that our switch discharger has high functional and reliability advantages in the application of xenon headlamps.
The principle of the switch discharge tube
General technical information
The basic circuit of pulse ignitor includes charging resistor, ignition capacitor, switch discharger and high voltage transformer.
When the ignition voltage is reached by the switch, the energy stored in the capacitor will be released through the primary side of the transformer, and the required high voltage will be generated at the two side. The amplitude depends on the ignition voltage of the spark gap, the capacitance used, and the winding ratio of the transformer. The repetitive frequency can be set by selecting the appropriate charging resistor.
The structure of the switch discharger is similar to the structure of the diode gas discharge tube. By matching the design characteristics, such as the gap and shape of the electrode, the starting device of the electrode, the type and pressure of the gas, and the number, type and position of the ignition device, the electrical characteristics of the switch application and the service life of the switch can be set.
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