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Self recovery fuse parameters self recovery fuse principle
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-01
Self recovery fuse is a overcurrent protection and electronic components, using organic high molecular polymer in high pressure, high temperature, vulcanizing reaction conditions, adulterating the conductive particle materials, through special processing and. The traditional fuse overcurrent protection, can only protect once, burn off the need to be replaced, and since the restoration of the fuse with a thermal protection, automatic recovery of dual function.

自恢复保险丝参数 自恢复保险丝原理

Self recovery fuse parameters
IH: maximum operating current (25 C)
IT: minimum action current (25 C)
Itrip: overload current
Maximum action time of overload current of Tmax:
Vmax: maximum overload voltage
Imax: maximum overload current

Self recovery fuse principle
Self recovery fuse (hereinafter referred to as the fuse) consist of polymer matrix and conductive particles on the inside of the distribution, under normal circumstances, conductive particles in the resin matrix form chainlike conductive pathway, the fuse performance as a low impedance (a). In the circuit had current occurs, the heat generated heavy current flowing through the fuse enable polymer resin matrix volume expansion, cut off the conductive particles form chains of conductive pathways, leading to fuse the impedance increased rapidly, thus the circuit overcurrent protection (b). After troubleshooting, resin re cooling crystallization, volume shrinkage, conductive particles to re form the conductive pathway, the fuse to restore the low impedance. Self recovery fuse parameters in the process of self recovery fuse selection, mainly related to the following parameters: 1 hold current (Ih): 25. Static air environment does not trigger the highest current resistance process. 2 trigger current (It): the minimum current of PTC polymer self - fuse fuse from low resistance to high impedance in a static air environment at 25 C. 3 maximum voltage (Vmax): the maximum operating voltage of the PTC polymer self - fuse fuse. 4 maximum current (Imax): PTC polymer self recovery fuse can withstand the maximum current. 5 action power (Pdtyp.): the power consumption of the PTC polymer self - complex fuse action state at ambient temperature of 25. 6 action time (Ttrip): 5 times the maximum operating time to maintain the current.
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