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And the main characteristics of semiconductor discharge tube parameters
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-12
What is lightning protection device? Lightning protection device is used for the lightning surge of over voltage and over current of the Qing Kangxi for the wire, circuit and all kinds of electrical appliances and equipment to provide protection and protection. Lightning protection device work, lightning protection device is disconnected; when the lightning surge, lightning protection devices will be conducted, the surge current is released to the earth, so that the electronic equipment well protected from damage caused by surge.
Experienced FAE engineers, able to quickly determine the type of lightning protection device according to the product‘s protection level and working environment, and many novice white engineers do not have this skill. When you do not want to be a white, we must grasp the various types of electronic protective devices working principle, characteristic parameters and selection criteria. Improper selection of the first step is to understand the characteristics of various types of electronic protective devices. From the selection of electronic technology small to the semiconductor discharge tube as an example, to help white engineers to master type semiconductor discharge tube, the following Xiaobian together to understand the main features and characteristic parameters of semiconductor discharge tube TSS discharge!
And the main characteristics of semiconductor discharge tube parameters
Semiconductor arrester parameters:
1 off state voltage IRM and leakage current VRM: the off state voltage VRM indicates that the semiconductor overvoltage protector is not on the highest voltage, only a small leakage current in this voltage IRM.
2 breakdown voltage VBR: by the provisions of the test current IR (generally 1mA) when the voltage, which is indicative of the semiconductor overvoltage protective device to start the turn-on of the flag voltage.
The 3 turning turning voltage VBO and current IBO: when the voltage rises to turn voltage VBO, semiconductor overvoltage protection device is conducted completely, showing very low impedance, voltage VT immediately dropped to a very low value (usually around 5V).
4 peak pulse current IPP: semiconductor overvoltage protection device can withstand the maximum pulse current.
5 maintain the current IH: the semiconductor overvoltage protection device continues to maintain the current state of the minimum current. Once the current flowing through it is less than the sustaining current IH, it returns to the stop state.
6 static capacitance C: capacitance value of semiconductor overvoltage protector in static state.
The main characteristics of semiconductor discharge tube
The main characteristics of semiconductor discharge tube:
Anti static surge absorber 1 suitable for high density surface mount.
2 suitable for flow and reflow soldering.
3 the micro gap method is adopted, and the surge response characteristic is excellent.
4 electrostatic capacity is low, can be used for high frequency circuit.
5 high insulation impedance characteristics.
6 can be packaged with packaging.
7 meet IEC61000-4-2 specifications.
For the above understanding of the main characteristics and characteristic parameters of semiconductor discharge tube, in accordance with the protection scheme of semiconductor arrester products and the protection level to determine the type of positive TSS semiconductor discharge tube, in a small series of unship, is not a deep step understanding of semiconductor discharge tube? Is not separated from the white title and a step closer?
From the electronic FAQ will provide more senior technical and electronic protection products, for you one by one in detail, lift the confusion to your questions! Our permanent website titled: "TVS diode | gas discharge tube | resettable fuse | | tage electronic" welcome to follow us.
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