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Application scope of transient suppression diode and its application
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-23
Transient suppression diode is used to absorb surge power, can withstand the impact of reverse voltage in a very short period of time, the voltage clamp between the poles in a specified voltage, the circuit to avoid the back impact. Simple to do over voltage protection, communication and other products are very common.
Connection must be reverse work in the circuit power supply, the ground, and the voltage regulator diode similar, but do not need to limit the current resistance.
The varistor has a similar effect, but transient suppression diode is better than the performance of varistors, especially reverse conduction time, far faster than the varistor, the reverse leakage current is much smaller, allowable working temperature is higher.
Because of its fast response time, transient power, low leakage current, breakdown voltage deviation, voltage clamp is easy to control, no damage limit, small volume etc..
Transient suppression diode applications:
Widely used in computer, communication equipment, AC / DC power supply, automobile, electronic ballasts, household appliances, instruments, RS232/422/423/485, I/O (meter), LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3, PDAS, GPS, CDMA, GSM, digital camera protection, common mode and differential mode protection, RF coupling /IC drive motor receives protection, electromagnetic interference suppression, audio / video input, sensor / transmission, control circuit, relay, contactor noise suppression etc..
transient suppressor diode
(transient suppressor diode)
Transient suppression diode use guidance:
The pulse peak current of IPP and maximum clamp voltage VC choice: when TVS is used alone, to select the appropriate IPP type according to the maximum surge current may appear on the line. When the TVS tube as a second protection, the general use of 600W ~ 500W on it. It is important to note that the maximum clamping voltage of VC should be less than the maximum surge voltage protection equipment can be tolerated (safety voltage).
When the signal transmission circuit is protected, we must pay attention to the frequency or the transmission rate of the transmission signal. The signal frequency (transmission rate) = 10MHz (Mb/s), Cj should be less than 60pF; the signal frequency (transmission rate) = 100MHz (Mb/s), Cj should be less than 20pF. When the signal frequency or transmission rate is higher, should choose low capacitance series of tubes. When the low capacitance series can not meet the requirements, we should take the TVS tube to the bridge of the fast recovery diode, in order to reduce the total equivalent capacitance, improve the transmission signal frequency. As shown in the figure below, the maximum transmission frequency of the circuit can be up to 20MHz.
TVS typical protection circuit example
(TVS typical protection circuit example)
TVS1 to protect the entire circuit (including the transformer).
TVS2 provides a high degree of protection for the subsequent circuit (except for the entire circuit outside the transformer). Due to the physical nature of the transformer such as a large series resistance, when the surge impact, the chance of breaking.
TVS3 provides comprehensive protection for loads. In this is the lower cost of unipolar TVS diodes. If the circuit is only used TVS3, the bridge because there is no TVS protection, the bridge should adopt a higher voltage and current ratio of the device, to prevent damage.
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