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0805 patch fuse SMD0805 series models
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-09
SMD0805 series fuse product introduction
SMD0805 fuse: SMD, lead-free, reel packaging self recovery fuse, suitable for automatic mounting, used in high density circuit board, working current: 0 05-1 10A 6 0-16 operating voltage: 0V operating temperature: -40~85 degrees.
SMD0805 chip fuse
SMD0805 package series:
SMD0805-010, SMD0805-020, SMD0805-035, SMD0805-050, SMD0805-075, SMD0805-100.

SMD0805 series patch fuse symbol definition:
The maximum voltage of Vmax:WHSMD under the blocking state.
Imax:WHSMD can withstand the maximum current.
Maximum operating current of Ih:TGSMD at 25.
The minimum current of It:TGSMD starting protection at 25.
Power consumption of Pd:TGSMD in static air at 25.
Rmin:TGSMD in the initial minimum resistance before work.
After R1max:TGSMD reflow, the maximum resistance value of 1 hours after cooling at 25

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