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Self recovery fuse and fuse fuse have a better performance.
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-05-07
Generally in the circuit protection scheme, it is the use of fuse fuse or self recovery fuse device to protect the circuit. This is a problem that the technical engineers need to consider carefully when selecting the circuit fuse. In selection, our technical engineer must know the performance parameters of the fuse. It is possible to accurately select the protective devices that conform to their own circuits.
Next, follow the Shenzhen Xiaobian electronic song together to understand the difference between fuse fuse and self recovery fuse on performance.
First, they have different resistance values on internal resistors. The fuses inside fused fuses are relatively small, and the self recovery fuse is relatively large.
Second, the sensitivity of the fuse to the current is high, the fuse fuse is sensitive to the current, and the fuse fuse is fast fusing, which reflects the performance of the high safety protection response. And self recovery fuse is lower.
Third, in the speed of action time, fuse fuse action time is faster, self recovery fuse action time is slower, which can show that the recovery fuse has excellent impact resistance.
Fourth, the comparison of leakage current. The fuse fuse has no leakage current. This performance shows its extremely high reliability in the circuit, and the self recovery type has leakage current.
Fifth, from the perspective of safety performance, fuse fuse has higher safety performance than self recovery fuse.
Sixth, in the scope of application, the application range of fuse insurance is wide, so that many electronic products will use fuse fuse to protect the circuit, and the application range of self recovery fuse is relatively small.
Seventh, fuse recoverability, fuse fuse has no recovery performance, and self recovery fuse is characterized by its recoverability. Due to the recoverability of self recovery fuse, it can reduce the cost of maintenance and service.
The above seven points are the comparison of the performance of self recovery fuse and fuse fuse. The type selection of the circuit protection device needs to fully consider the effect of the circuit. There is no knowledge about the electronic online Engineer in Shenzhen, and the senior technical engineer in Shenzhen is looking forward to serving you!
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