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Self recovery fuse action time and self recovery fuse action principle
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-16
What is the principle of self recovery fuse action?
Answer: the self recovery fuse action principle is a kind of energy homeostasis through the self recovery fuse current due to the relationship between the fuse to generate heat, heat generated by all or part of the emitted to the environment, and not dissipate heat will improve the element temperature.
Self recovery fuse action time is how much?
Answer: the normal working temperature is low, the heat and the heat emitted to the balance. Since the recovery of the fuse is in a state of low resistance, no action, when the current through the fuse to increase or increase the ambient temperature, but if the heat generated by the heat balance, the self recovery fuse is still not action. When the current or the ambient temperature increases when the self recovery fuse will reach a higher temperature, if the current environmental temperature or continue to increase, the heat generated will be greater than the heat dissipated, the self recovery fuse temperature surge, at this stage, very small temperature changes will cause a substantial increase in resistance, then the self recovery fuse in a high impedance state protection, impedance increase limit current, current drops sharply in a very short period of time, so as to protect the circuit equipment from being damaged, as long as the voltage applied to the heat generated by the self recovery fuse emits enough heat, in the condition of components can be always in motion state (Gao Zu). When the applied voltage is lost, the self recovery fuse can be automatically recovered. This is the self recovery fuse action time!
Summary of the content of a sentence: since the recovery of the fuse from a few seconds to tens of seconds to tens of seconds, the length of time to see the use of the specific models of the self recovery fuse, and the characteristics of the fault and other factors.
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