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Note on the selection of TVS diode
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-19
Selection of TVS diode attention to what? What factors should be considered? Shenzhen tergytech Xiaobian this for you to answer: in the selection of TVS diode, according to the specific circumstances of the circuit should generally be consider the following main factors:
First, the bidirectional TVS diode can be in positive and negative direction absorb instantaneous pulse high power, and the clamping voltage to a predetermined level. Therefore, if the circuit is likely to withstand the impact from the two direction of the surge, it should be a two-way diode TVS. Bidirectional TVS is generally applicable to AC circuits, one way TVS is generally used for DC circuits. In addition, the clamp voltage Vc is not greater than the maximum allowable safe voltage of the protected circuit.
Note on the selection of TVS diode
Secondly, the maximum peak pulse power consumption of PM must be greater than the maximum transient surge power in the circuit. However, in the actual application process, surge has recurring may, in this case, even single pulse energy than the TVS diode device can withstand the pulse energy is much smaller, however, if applied repetitively, the single pulse energy is accumulated, can in some cases more than TVS diode device can bear the pulse energy. Therefore, at this point seriously consider and choose a suitable TVs devices, to make it in the specified time interval, applied repetitively pulsed energy accumulated for more than TVs pulse energy ratings must be in the circuit design.
Note on the selection of TVS diode2
Third, in the actual application process, the maximum reverse working voltage must have the correct choice, the general principle is to the AC voltage of 1.4 times to select the TVS tube of the maximum reverse working voltage. DC voltage is 1.1 ~ 1.2 times to select the maximum reverse voltage of the TVS tube.
TVS Diode note consider several factors, Shenzhen tergytech Co., Ltd., the technology in this for you to answer!
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