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How long recovery from the restoration of the fuse? How much is the response rate of the self recovery fuse?
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-08
How long recovery from the restoration of the fuse?
Answer: from the electronic self recovery fuse "according to different types and ambient temperature are different. Self recovery fuse recovery process, is the process of its own temperature drop element, element back to the switch temperature below can conduction element is close to the ambient temperature, the current capacity is close to the nominal value, good heat dissipation conditions, generally tens of seconds to a minute or so can be normal use. "
Self recovery fuse
How much is the response rate of the self recovery fuse?
Answer: self recovery fuse response speed and temperature, fault current and device cooling status. The higher the temperature, the greater the fault current is, the faster the response of the self recovery fuse is, the better the heat radiation is, the slower the response is.
The same device, the action time in different conditions can reach several milliseconds to a few seconds. At room temperature, for example, under the standard measurement of the electronic standard, the action time of SCX60-010 under the action of 6 ampere current is 1 milliseconds, and the action time is 200 milliseconds.
Therefore, the electronic response speed is not static, to be based on the device and the actual working conditions of the common decision. In order to understand the failure of the device in milliseconds, to understand the current or voltage failure, how the fault parameters, the other performance requirements for the protection of the device.
From the main electronic components such as electronic fuse, all types of electronic components of product specifications. Welcome friends to call the cable sample.
The above is the Shenzhen tage Technology Co. Ltd. is a self recovery fuse to restore how long? How much is the response rate of the self recovery fuse? Two major problems. If there are issues related to the self recovery of the fuse and the patch since the restoration of the relevant issues such as online contact customer service QQ:2205979891 or contact information on our website to consult!
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