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Patch self recovery fuse type fuse series?
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-11
What are the patch self recovery fuse models? What are the patch fuse series? Now by tage electronic technology Xiaobian I come for our friends to answer these two questions. Fuse! From the electronic core patch self recovery fuse and its signal series product has the following 6 kinds of package series. Namely:
(1) chip fuse SMD0603 series of its models are: SMD0603-010, SMD0603-020, SMD0603-025, SMD0603-035, SMD0603-050, SMD0603-075, SMD0603-100.
(2) SMD0805 series of its models are: SMD0805-010, SMD0805-020, SMD0805-035, SMD0805-050, SMD0805-075, SMD0805-100.
(3) fuse SMD1206 package series of the models are: SMD1206-005, SMD1206-010, SMD1206-012, SMD1206-020, SMD1206-025, SMD1206-025/18V, SMD1206-035, SMD1206-050, SMD1206-050/13.2V, SMD1206--075, SMD1206-100, SMD1206-110, SMD1206-110/16V, SMD1206-150, SMD1206-200.
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(4) chip fuse SMD1210 series of its models are: SMD1210-005, SMD1210-010, SMD1210-020, SMD1210-035, SMD1210-050, SMD1210-075, SMD1210-110, SMD1210-150,, SMD1210-175, SMD1210-200.
(5) fuse SMD1812 package series of the models are: SMD1812-010, SMD1812-014, SMD1812-020, SMD1812-030, SMD1812-050, SMD1812-050/33V, SMD1812-050/60V, SMD1812-075, SMD1812-110, SMD1812-110/16V, SMD1812-110/33V, SMD1812-125, SMD1812-150, SMD1812-150/16V, SMD1812-160, SMD1812-200, SMD1812-260, SMD1812-300, SMD1812-350.
(6) fuse SMD2920 package series of the models are: SMD2920-030, SMD2920-050, SMD2920-075, SMD2920-100, SMD2920-125, SMD2920-150, SMD2920-185, SMD2920-200, SMD2920-250, SMD2920-260, SMD2920-300, SMD2920-300/16V, SMD2920-300/, V, SMD2920-250/24V.
More than six self recovery fuse patch package series products are one of the main production and wholesale from electronic products, SMD fuses, self recovery fuse is the core of electronic products from. Welcome you to inquire and order!
Details of the patch since the restoration of the fuse detailed product parameters of small series recommended reading: patch self recovery fuse
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