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Since the recovery of the fuse series fuse what?
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-11
There are small white engineers asked small series since the restoration of the fuse model series? Small series today for everyone to explain under the self recovery fuse package series and its self recovery fuse type bar! Since the recovery of the fuse each manufacturer‘s product range and its models are slightly different. For example, from electronic self recovery fuse packaging series: JK16 series, JK30 series, packaging packaging packaging JK60 series, JK250 package series, JK600 series, JK-P series battery protection package six.
①Fuse JK16 package series of the models are: JK16-090, JK16-110, JK16-135, JK16-160, JK16-185, JK16-250, JK16-300, JK16-400, JK16-500, JK16-600, JK16-700, JK16-800, JK16-900, JK16-1000, JK16-1100, JK16-1200, JK16-1300, JK16-1400, JK16-1500, JK16-1600.
②Self recovery fuse JK30 series of its models are: JK30-110, JK30-090, JK30-135, JK30-160, JK30-185, JK30-250, JK30-300, JK30-400, JK30-500, JK30-600,, JK30-700, JK30-800, JK30-900.,
③Self recovery fuse JK60 package series of the models are: JK60-010, JK60-017, JK60-020, JK60-025, JK60-030, JK60-040, JK60-050, JK60-065, JK60-075, JK60-090, JK60-110, JK60-135, JK60-160, JK60-185, JK60-250, JK60-300, JK60-375.
Self recovery fuse all series
④The self recovery fuse JK250 package series of the models are: JK250-080, JK250-110, JK250-120, JK250-145, JK250-180.
⑤The self recovery fuse JK600 package series of the models are: JK600-150, JK600-160.
⑥The JK-P battery protection series of the models are: JK-P120, JK-P175, JK-P180, JK-P200, JK-P260, JK-P300, JK-P350, JK-P420, JK-P070, JK-P100, JK-P190, JK-P210, JK-P310, JK-P340, JK-P380, JK-P450, JK-P550, JK-P600, JK-P730, JK-P900, JK-P1410.
The core products of self recovery fuse is our Shenzhen tage Technology Co. Ltd., for the production of our strict executive producer. Our business philosophy is: to create economic value for customers concept, mission: to integrate resources, to provide users with the best circuit protection program! Vision: to become a first-class, professional protective device supplier! Culture: the music industry, dedicated, professional! Spirit: forge ahead, honest and trustworthy! Welcome you to choose and buy
Details of the self recovery fuse detailed product parameters of small series recommended reading: self recovery fuse all series
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