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What are the transient diode effects?
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-13
What are the transient diode effects? What is the transient diode effect? With the social progress, the rapid development of economy, the transient diode can be seen everywhere in our daily life, has been widely used in various fields of the line. Often used in: communications, instrumentation, computers, automotive electronics, switching power supply, lightning protection, building security products. From the electronic professional technology now compiled for you about the transient diode of the role played by its unique!
Transient diode effect: accurate is not to reduce the current rate of change, but to provide an additional channel current. Sensitive circuit elements (such as inductance coils, relay etc.) when the current mutation induces a large voltage, may switch or burned circuit. At this time through the diode to provide a current path, there will be no breakdown of the phenomenon. Usually diode operating in the reverse side of the state, almost equivalent to open. And the role of a voltage regulator is a bit like.
What is the unique point of the transient diode? The so-called unique characteristics of the transient diode is its characteristics, then the characteristics of the transient diode is what? Then please continue to follow the pace of the characteristics of small, small tage electronic technology continue to explain the transient diode.
Transient diode characteristics: transient diode plays in our daily life is very important, transient diode in the circuit in parallel, in reverse application conditions, when subjected to high energy pulse condition, transient diode impedance immediately fell to an extremely low conduction value, high current through effectively allow, and at the same time the voltage clamp at the predetermined level, the response time is only 10-12 milliseconds, the current surge in nature, induction lightning, ESD electronic devices are made of modern electronic system is facing a severe test. The transient diode can effectively protect the precision components in the electronic circuit.
Thus, the transient diode to bring the benefits of our life and plays an indispensable use, I believe we read the contents of this chapter are as I feel!
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