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How to test the voltage? Method for measuring pressure sensitive resistance
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-21
How to test the voltage? Method for measuring pressure sensitive resistance
The measurement method of the pressure sensitive resistance: the pressure sensitive resistance is used in parallel in the circuit, when the voltage of the resistance at both ends of the sharp change, the resistance short circuit fuse current fuse, play a protective role. The voltage sensitive resistor is used in the circuit, which is often used in the power supply overvoltage protection and voltage regulation. When measuring the multimeter 10K file, to probe connected to the resistor with a multimeter should show marked varistor on resistance, if beyond this value, the varistor has been damaged.
Method for measuring pressure sensitive resistance
Varistor with the letter "MY", such as J for home, behind the letters W, G, P, L, H, Z, B, C, N and K are respectively used for voltage regulation, overvoltage protection, high frequency circuit, lightning protection, arcing, noise elimination, compensation, or high reliability and high degaussing hand. Although the pressure sensitive resistance can absorb a great surge of electrical energy, but can not withstand the current level of more than Ma, in the use of overvoltage protection must be taken into account. The selection of the pressure sensitive resistance, the general choice of nominal voltage sensitive voltage V1mA and the flow capacity of two parameters.
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