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8KP Package series, TVS diode

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8KP package series

  Plastic packagage
  Glass passivated chip junction in P600 package
  8000W peak pulse ca[abitity at 10/1000μs wave form
  Excellent clamping capebitity
  Low zener impedance
  Fast response time:typically less than1.0ps form 0 volts to BV for unidirectional types   
  Hige Temperature solderting:260ºC/40 seconds/0.375,(9.5mm)lead length ,5 Ibs.,(2.3kg) tension
  Halogen free and RoHS compliant

Name encapsulation VRWM (V) VBR.MIN (V) VBR. MAX (V) IT (mA) VC (V) IPP (A) IR (μA) PDF下载
8KP24A/8KP24CA R6/P600 24.0 26.7 29.5 1 38.9 205.7 5 pdf
8KP33A/8KP33CA R6/P600 33.0 36.7 40.6 1 53.3 150.1 5 pdf
8KP36A/8KP36CA R6/P600 36.0 40.0 44.2 1 58。1 137.7 5 pdf
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